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It's a Date!

Congratulations, my fellow Highly Sensitive Person on booking your personal Discovery Call session with me, Patti Sabla

What  to Expect


You will receive an email "Invitation" confirmation from "Patti Sabla" with the deets. 


If it doesn't arrive in a few minutes, please check your Spam/Junk folder (it loves to hide in there!). 

PLEASE NOTE: You can cancel or reschedule your appointment directly from the "Invitation" email.  


You will receive a reminder email 24-hours prior to our consultation and another reminder 30 minutes before the consultation because we all have a lot on our plate and I want to set you up for success. 


This 30-minute video chat will give you a chance to ask any questions about the coaching services I offer.

Some frequently asked questions that come up during a call:


- What is the HSP coaching process?

- How do I know which service is the right fit?  (4-Month   Coaching or 2-Hour Clarity Call) 

- What are your rates?

- How soon can I start?

- When will we meet?

- How long and how often do we meet?

- Are the coaching sessions over the phone or video?

Have burning questions that just can't wait until our video chat? 

Ask me HERE.

HSP Coach Patti Sabla
FAQ - Call confirmation page

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if you're the right coach for me?
    I may not be! One way to see if I feel like the right fit is to explore my website. Read a blog or two, check out my About Me page, even notice the language/phrases I use and the way I talk. Does it vibe with you? If so, I might be the right fit. BUT, just to make sure, I strongly encourage you to sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation video call so we can get to know one another better before you make that decision. The call will give us a chance to see if we both agree that we are a good match personality and skillset wise.
  • What kind of results can I expect from coaching?
    Although no results are guaranteed, here are just some areas that my past clients have addressed: Quit their 9-to-5 and started their own consulting business Became a successful Instagram influencer Finished projects or reached a specific goal through accountability and check-ins Worked less and increased their self-care (without feeling guilty) No longer felt like an imposter Started saying no to events they didn't want to attend or favors they didn't want to do Created and maintained a consistent morning routine Expanded their business by creating a new (lucrative) offer Implemented systems and got better at time management Wrote a book Figured out what it was that actually made them happy Purged excess stuff and got organized Identified and overcame their money hang ups Overcame bad habits Found a work/life balance that worked for them and their partner Set boundaries with their boss Set boundaries with their an energy vampire Accepted themself just as they are (no longer always trying to "improve" themselves) Eliminated energy blocks that were holding them back from accepting abundance
  • This all sounds great, how do I get started?
    Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation here so we can learn more about one another to ensure we are a good fit.
  • How often will we meet, and what's the time commitment like?
    If you choose the 4-Month "Kick Butt" Coaching Program, we will meet eight times over, you guessed it, four months (give or take). The first coaching session is a 90-minute Jump Start Planning session. After that, there are six 60-minute Strategy sessions (meeting every two weeks) and we conclude with a 60-minute Wrap Up & Review session. There are also email check-ins for accountability between sessions. If you choose the 2-Hour Breakthrough Clarity Session, we will meet for 2 hours, after having an introductory email that will help identify your needs and lay the groundwork and having you complete a comprehensive questionnaire to complete beforehand to help guide the coaching session we schedule a time to meet for the Clarity Coaching Session. This is concluded with a follow up email to clarify or elaborate any questions that may have come up after our session.
  • Can I try out a session before committing to a package?
    Unfortunately, that is not an option. BUT, what you can do is have a FREE 30-minute consultation video call to help you make your decision before committing to a package. Please note, this is a NO OBLIGATION call. What I mean by that is, at the end of the call, I don't put you on the spot and ask you if you want to buy a package. Instead, I have the opposite policy. I DON'T accept sign ups on the call. I want you to take a little time to think over your decision and get back to me if you decide it feels right to you. Although every sales and marketing course on the planet says ALWAYS ASK FOR THE SALE (in a shouty voice like that, too) but that doesn't feel good to me. I don't want to guilt someone into my coaching program, especially since I don't offer refunds. I am fortunate to have an abundant practice with very limited spots as it is, so I don't want someone to join because they felt uncomfortable saying no to my ask. That happened to me once and I ended up paying a lot of money for a coaching program that didn't turn out to be a good fit but felt pressured on the call to make a decision right then and there. Long story short, it really is a no obligation call. 😁 If you decide you would like to set up a call, click here to schedule.
  • How much does coaching cost, and are there payment plans available?
    The 4-Month "Kick Butt" Coaching Package is $2550 and has a payment plan option of 2 payments (charged 2 months apart) for $1300 each (total $2600). The 2-Hour Breakthrough Clarity Session is $595 and does not include a payment plan option.
  • Are you currently taking new coaching clients?
    Yes, I do have a limited number of spots available. (However, if at the time you are reading this, I am fully booked, I do have a waitlist you can join. The average wait time is only about one to two weeks.)
  • How can coaching help me with my sensitivity?
    My form of coaching doesn't necessarily "help" you with your sensitivity. Instead, I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) who understands the trait and the nuances that come along with that. I work similar to a non-HSP coach, but I approach you and our sessions from an empathic, compassionate lens. If you don't have a chance to get to the homework, I won't make you feel bad or tell you that you're wasting my time (true story of a friend's experience with a life coach!). As someone who is introverted and easily overstimulated, I won't suggest things like in-person networking or joining large social groups. As someone who has ADHD, I will understand if you need to have your tasks broken down super small and then prefer accountability to ensure it gets done (because that's what I need!). In other words, this coaching isn't a "treatment" for sensitivity. I am not here to help you "just get over" your sensitivity, "be more outgoing'" or "fix yourself." You are not broken and your sensitivity is a beautiful, innate part of you. Instead, my coaching is to help you identify and reach your goals in the best way possibly for someone who has a sensitive nervous system and possibly introverted or ADHD tendencies.
  • What exactly is 'highly sensitive' and how do I know if it applies to me?
    Dr. Elaine Aron coined the term HSP (highly sensitive person) and she has a 27-question checklist that identify common highly sensitive traits. To learn more about those traits and that checklist, click here.
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