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Congratulations on purchasing your Coaching Package!

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You just made an awesome decision! 


Right now, you may be feeling a little nervous or even second guessing yourself.  That is normal and to be expected when making a commitment. If I am being honest, this is probably going to be a teeny bit scary but also transformative and a whole lot of exciting.


Just wait, in a few weeks you will be wondering why you didn't do this sooner.  (I hear that all the time!)


Please know that I am honored you chose to take me with you on this coaching journey.  I promise it's going to be so worth it!  


1.  Tomorrow you will receive a link to the client portal to complete an in-depth intake questionnaire.  Although it will take you a while to complete it, please know that the more information and details you can provide me, the better I can serve you.  I will read all of your answers before our 90-minute "Jump Start" session so we can hit the ground running.

2.  While you wait for the questionnaire to arrive in your in-box, please download this New Client Welcome Packet so you can get started now.


(NOTE: Check out page 7 for personality assessments, if that is your thing.  Just click on the names of the test in the text box and it will take you to the respective website.)  

P.S. - If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me HERE.

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