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100+ Ideas for Having Fun for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

  1. Explore a local hiking trail.

  2. Have a picnic in the park.

  3. Attend a free book reading at a local book store.

  4. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.

  5. Visit a museum on a free admission day.

  6. Attend a community theater production.

  7. Host a game night with friends.

  8. Plan a trip to your local animal sanctuary.

  9. Walk outside barefoot on grass.

  10. Attend a free lecture at your local college.

  11. Participate in a beach or park clean up.

  12. Check out Meetup and Eventbrite for free and low-cost events near you.

  13. Hug a tree.

  14. Answer questions on an online forum (ex. Reddit, Quora, etc.)

  15. Have a DIY spa day at home.

  16. Try out a new recipe.

  17. Have a movie marathon with homemade popcorn.

  18. Volunteer at a local charity or shelter.

  19. Attend a free outdoor concert.

  20. Take a yoga class at a community center.

  21. Start a book club with friends.

  22. Go stargazing at a nearby observatory or park.

  23. Take a photography walk and capture interesting shots.

  24. Explore a nearby town as a tourist.

  25. Attend a free workshop or seminar at your local library.

  26. Host a clothing or book swap party with your friends

  27. Have a karaoke night at home.

  28. Visit a farmer's market and sample local produce.

  29. Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood.

  30. Have a DIY craft night and make something new.

  31. Play mini-golf at a local course.

  32. Visit a nearby beach or lake for a day of relaxation.

  33. Take a dance class.

  34. Go to a flea market and hunt for treasures.

  35. Attend a community festival or fair.

  36. Try out geocaching in your area.

  37. Have a potluck dinner with friends or family.

  38. Visit a nearby botanical garden.

  39. Go on a nature walk and identify different plants and animals.

  40. Try out a new workout class.

  41. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

  42. Play board games or card games at home.

  43. Visit a nearby zoo or aquarium.

  44. Take a day trip to a nearby city and explore.

  45. Have a themed dinner party with costumes.

  46. Take a scenic drive and enjoy the view.

  47. Visit a nearby historical site or landmark.

  48. Try out a new restaurant or cuisine.

  49. Have a photo scavenger hunt with friends.

  50. Attend a free outdoor movie screening.

  51. Visit a nearby arboretum or nature reserve.

  52. Go bowling at a local alley.

  53. Have a DIY wine or beer (or herbal tea) tasting night.

  54. Go kayaking or canoeing on a nearby river or lake.

  55. Visit a nearby farm and pick your own fruits or vegetables.

  56. Take a cooking class.

  57. Have a game of paintball with friends.

  58. Attend a free community yoga class.

  59. Go camping in a nearby national park or campground.

  60. Visit a nearby planetarium and learn about the stars.

  61. Take a day trip to a nearby winery or vineyard.

  62. Try out stand-up paddleboarding at a local beach or lake.

  63. Visit a nearby historical reenactment or festival.

  64. Go horseback riding at a local stable.

  65. Attend a free outdoor fitness class.

  66. Take a scenic bike ride along a trail or path.

  67. Have a DIY home improvement project day.

  68. Go birdwatching at a nearby park or nature preserve.

  69. Take a pottery or ceramics class..

  70. Visit a nearby amusement park or water park.

  71. Have a themed movie marathon night.

  72. Try out a new outdoor activity like rock climbing or zip-lining.

  73. Go fishing at a nearby lake or river.

  74. Have a DIY painting night with canvases and paints.

  75. Visit a nearby hot spring or natural swimming hole.

  76. Take a day trip to a nearby state park and hike the trails.

  77. Attend a free outdoor meditation session.

  78. Have a DIY home spa day with facials and massages.

  79. Go ice skating at a local rink.

  80. Take a scenic train ride through the countryside.

  81. Visit a nearby botanical garden or greenhouse.

  82. Attend a free outdoor Tai Chi class.

  83. Have a DIY pizza night with homemade dough and toppings.

  84. Visit a nearby science museum or discovery center.

  85. Take a day trip to a nearby beach or coastal town.

  86. Have a DIY jewelry-making night with beads and supplies.

  87. Go rock climbing at a nearby indoor gym.

  88. Take a day trip to a nearby amusement park.

  89. Visit a nearby butterfly garden or conservatory.

  90. Have a DIY candle-making night with wax and scents.

  91. Go indoor skydiving at a nearby facility.

  92. Visit a nearby wildlife sanctuary or nature reserve

  93. Have a DIY tie-dyeing party with shirts and dye.

  94. Go indoor trampolining at a nearby facility.

  95. Have a DIY terrarium-making night with plants and supplies.

  96. .Take a day trip to a nearby theme park or water park.

  97. Have a DIY succulent planting party with pots and plants.

  98. Take a day trip to a nearby farm or ranch.

  99. Have a DIY bath bomb-making night with molds and ingredients.

  100. Go indoor ice skating at a nearby rink.

  101. Take a day trip to a nearby ghost town.

  102. Have a DIY soap-making night with molds and scents.

  103. Go indoor go-kart racing at a nearby track.

  104. Take a day trip to a nearby bird sanctuary or wetland.

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