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How a Habit Tracker Helped Me Overcome Laziness

I am notoriously lazy. I don't own a dog because that would involve walking it...more than once a day.

meme about laziness, there is a door propped open by a door stopper still in the package because they were too lazy to open it before using it.

If something is out of my reach and obtaining it involves getting up, I don't need it that bad. Inertia was my enemy.

I could go on but I'm too lazy. I will use meme's to make my point for the rest of this blog.

dog being walked on a leash by a lazy guy in a rolling desk chair. dog is pulling chair.

Despite being Olympic level lazy at times, I do actually have a Planet Fitness gym membership. That also means I have a hydromassage bed membership. Which one do you think I joined for? (Massage, it was the massage.)

I have had high cholesterol since my 20's. My doctor keeps trying to put me on medication and I keep buying time saying that I will exercise more to see if that can lower my numbers naturally. My LDL (the bad cholesterol) recently went higher than normal so I took it serious and started going to the gym on a pretty consistent basis.

Were there times when I used the massage beds upon arrival and after my workout? Affirmative. I have no shame about that. No. Shame.

twitter post about people who claim to be lazy.

I should mention that before the habit tracker I tried to bribe myself by treating myself to a Groupon facial if I went to the gym 15 times in a month. Months went by and I wasn't disciplined enough to keep that pace. I thought about lowering the bribe to 10 gym visits in a month but that felt like a slippery slope.

I happened to be listening to Jon Acuff's book All It Takes Is A Goal around this time and he mentioned using a Habit Tracker and how effective it was for him. I printed out a Habit Tracker and started checking off the number of times I went to the gym.

I created a goal that after 15 gym visits, whether it was in two weeks or twenty weeks, I would still reward myself. This has made such a difference! I don't get discouraged halfway through the month when I did that math and realized that I would have to go to the gym two times a day for a straight week to meet my goal.

striping on a road that goes around a fallen tree branch because they didn't feel like moving the branch out of the way due to laziness.

Long story short, I love facials and massages and will overcome my laziness to obtain them. Also, the habit tracker was a great way for me not to lose count as to how close I was to the 15 visits mark. I have also found that I go to the gym more often because I have the reminder of my future facial and because I am not boxed into a time frame.

Now that my skin is glowing and my cholesterol numbers have dropped slightly, I want to pass on to you the awesomeness that is a Habit Tracker. If you have never used one, you can print out one for free HERE. Maybe it can help you reach a goal, too!


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