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How to make your space more HSP-friendly

Living room with dogs lying on floor

Most people like attractive things, right? I don’t know many people if, given the choice, would pick to live in a dark, dingy, home if they could have a bright, clean home instead.

I also think most people would choose to have an ocean, mountain, lake, or wooded view over a cluttered junkyard view, if given the option.

However, this is especially true for highly sensitive people (HSP). Since we tend to notice details that most non-HSPs don’t, it can be hard not to fixate on them.

If those details are a cracked window, missing outlet cover, or stained countertop, we can have a hard time focusing on anything else in the room.

Our eyes go right to it every time we pass it.

We may even spend time envisioning how we would change it and what that would look like, or is that just a me thing?

Environment doesn’t necessarily have to include only rooms and views. It can

encompass sounds, smells, lighting, you name it.

Since HSPs can become easily overstimulated, living somewhere that has a lot of noise, especially inconsistent noise, is hard on their nervous system. If we can’t ever escape to a quiet environment, it’s hard for us to fully relax and reset. Over time, this can create an anxious feeling within.

Here are 8 easy, practical ways to make your space more HSP-friendly.

1. Add plants into the room, they have an amazing calming effect.

3 houseplants on wicker chair

2. Use indoor fountains or white noise machines to drown out outside noise that you can’t control.

indoor water fountain

3. Reduce overhead lights if possible, use lamps when you can.

bedside table lamp

4. Invest in a salt lamp to create a beautiful glow and a healthy space.

Himalayan salt

5. Incorporate textures and colors that you find calming.

Whether it is super soft throw blanket in soft gray, fluffy pillows in creamy beige, or a picture in soothing tones of greens and blues, little pieces can make a big difference.

beige ribbed fabric

6. Light candles (or use the battery operated type) as mood lighting. Bonus if the candles are aromatherapy scented!

lighted candles burning

7. Dedicate one area or one corner of a room as your sanctuary.

Try to keep clutter out of sight to avoid overstimulation

person on cozy blanket reading book

8. Get rid of items with bad vibes or bad memories attached to them. (like that souvenir mug you bought on that trip with your ex)

Be mindful pf the pictures and decor you use in your space. Does it inspire calm?


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