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Unraveling Personality Types: The Four Tendencies

Yup, I just rhymed there. Not on purpose, but hey a catchy title is a catchy title.

Let's dive into the world of personality typing for a moment. This is a place where we discover that our quirks, habits, and midnight snack choices might just have a deeper explanation than "I felt like it".

women looking into fridge for snack

Enter the stage, the four fascinating characters of Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies story:

  • The Upholder

  • The Obliger

  • The Questioner

  • The Rebel

Picture them as the new-age Avengers, each with their own superpowers and kryptonite, navigating the crazy world of personal and professional life.


First up, we have The Upholder - the hero of to-do lists and the nemesis of procrastination. Imagine someone who actually does what they say they're going to do (shocking, right?).

These are the folks who make New Year's resolutions and – hold onto your seats – actually keep them. In the professional arena, they're as reliable as a golden retriever.

Need something done by yesterday? Call an Upholder. People with this tendency are the embodiment of "discipline" in human form, but sometimes you just want to tell them to chill and skip a pilates class and go for ice cream (or nitro cold brew) instead.


Then there's The Obliger, the person who's probably saying yes to reading your 500-page manuscript by tomorrow.

They're the glue in social and professional circles, always putting others first. However, this also means they often end up last in their own priorities, leading to the all-too-familiar burnout.

In a world that loves to take, people with this tendency need to learn the art of giving... to themselves.


Cue the dramatic music for The Questioner. Ever had a friend who asks "But why?" to literally everything? That's them.

People with this tendency who won't take "because I said so" for an answer. In their personal life, they're on a never-ending quest for knowledge, and professionally, they're the ones who actually read the terms and conditions.

Their skepticism can be a double-edged sword, though, leading to analysis paralysis. Sometimes, you just gotta leap without looking for a footnote, you know?


And finally, The Rebel, walking in slow motion with an explosion in the background. They’re the ones who look at a rule and merely see a suggestion.

Rebels thrive on freedom and spontaneity, making them the life of the party and sometimes the wildcard in professional settings.

People with this tendency bring innovation by simply asking, "But what if we didn't?" Sure, they can be a handful at times, but their energy can spark the change that no one else saw coming.

Wrapping it up, understanding these four tendencies isn't just about slapping a label on you or me. It's about identifying your unique strengths and navigating around the areas that need growth.

So, whether you're an Upholder with a love for rules and discipline, an Obliger always keeping their word even to their own detriment, a Questioner always seeking out the truth, or a Rebel making waves, remember that your tendency can be your superpower.


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