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Coaching for

Are you ready to...

Stop feeling like an imposter

Say goodbye to second guessing yourself

Overcome overthinking and overwhelm

Conquer your limiting beliefs

Break the paralyzing cycle of perfectionism

Resist the need to overachieve​

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Does this sound like you?


Do you worry that people are going to discover the "real" you?


From the outside, it looks like you have it all together, but on the inside you feel like a mess?

If so, you are NOT alone.

Being hyper sensitive can be challenging!

Here are some of the issues I help coach

overwhelmed highly sensitive women through:

Second guessing yourself

Lack of confidence

Procrastination & Perfectionism 

Silencing that inner critic

Scarcity mindset

Fear of judgment

Imposter syndrome 

Struggling to be assertive or say "no"

Constant state of overwhelm

Not knowing what steps to take first

You've read the self-help books, you've listened to all the podcasts, 

you've bought webinars and nothing has changed.

Now it's time to call in the reinforcements (that's me!) 

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Meet Patti

HSP Coach for Highly Sensitive Professional Women

I help high achieving, overwhelmed, introverted,

neuro-diverse, professional women with

self-development and accountability. 

Together we can

Eliminate your blocks

Remove your money hang-ups

Get clear on your goals and vision

 Increase your confidence

Tap into your intuition

Conquer your limiting mindsets

Upgrade your manifesting​

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HSP Coach Patti Sabla

Learn more about Patti Sabla here!

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  Highly Sensitive Coaching is for you if :

You are tired of being in a constant state of overwhelm (one of the biggest issues for HSPs)

You want to break free from past conditioning that is holding you back and keeping you stuck

You are tired of feeling like you always have to be "busy" or productive to show your worth

You feel called to hone in on your purpose and meaning

You are neurodivergent and wants help navigating a neurotypical world

You have a sensitive personality and not sure if a non-HSP coach will be the right fit

You are ready to have an abundant mindset

You have tried the self-help route and just can't seem to make positive changes stick

Let's work together

& make amazing things happen

To learn more about my offerings and see if we are a good fit

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