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Helping Highly Sensitive Women
Navigate  the Non-HSP world
Through One-on-One Coaching



Are you ready to...

- Overcome overthinking and overwhelm

- Stop feeling like an imposter

- Break the paralyzing cycle of perfectionism

- Say goodbye to second guessing yourself

- Make a big change but don't know where to start

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Can you relate?


As a Highly Sensitive Woman,

do you worry that people are

going to discover the "real" you?


From the outside, it looks like you

have it all together, but on the

inside you feel like a mess?

If so, you are NOT alone.

Being hyper sensitive

can be challenging!

Using highly actionable advice,

here are some of the issues I help

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) overcome:

Second guessing yourself

Fear of judgment and criticism

Procrastination & Perfectionism 

Imposter syndrome 

Living in a constant state of overwhelm

Silencing that inner critic


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It's time for a change!

You've bought the courses.

You've read the books.

You've listened to the podcasts. 

You've watched the webinars.

and. nothing. has. changed. 


It's time to try something different.  It's time to try Life Coaching.

Meet Patti

Therapist turned HSP Coach for Highly Sensitive Women

I help high achieving, overwhelmed,

introverted, neuro-diverse women with

goal setting, mindset change and accountability. 

Are you ready to:

Eliminate your mental blocks that hold you back

Remove any money hang-ups

Find the confidence to make big life changes

Rediscover how you can play and have fun

Conquer your limiting mindsets

Decrease your stress and increase your focus

Create a self-care practice that you don't feel guilty doing

Help you set boundaries so you experience less resentment

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Learn more about Patti Sabla here!

Does  any  of  this
sound familiar?

HSP Coaching is for you if:

You are tired of being in a constant state of overwhelm (one of the biggest issues for HSPs)

You want to break free from past conditioning that is holding you back and keeping you stuck

You are tired of feeling like you always have to be "busy" or productive to show your worth

You do really well when held accountable to someone (HSPs are a conscience bunch) 

You are neurodivergent and wants help navigating a neurotypical world

You have a sensitive personality and not sure if a non-HSP coach will be the right fit

You are ready to have an abundant mindset

You have tried the self-help route and just can't seem to make positive changes stick




Can you name one?


Get your free checklist of

9 Lesser Known

HSP Traits

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Free checklist of  Lesser Known Highly Sensitive Person traits

The sky is the limit for highly sensitive women when it comes to these sessions.


  • Ready to make a big change but don't know what to do first?

  • Want to banish your money mindset and live a life of abundance

  • Quit your job and start your own business

  • Set boundaries and say no? 

  • Stop people pleasing? 

  • Feel confident in your business and personal life decisions? 


This life-changing FOUR MONTH package of private coaching is perfect for highly sensitives who are looking to make a big change in their life and want guidance and accountability along the way.


  • 1 Jump Start Planning Video Session (90-minutes)

  • 6 Strategy Video Sessions (60-minutes)

  • 1 Wrap Up & Review Session (60-minutes)

  • 7 Support Email Check-Ins For Accountability Between Sessions



You will be provided with a recording of each coaching session

NOTE: Supplemental Sessions available for additional fee.

In addition to creating an action plan, you will learn strategies, tools and techniques to help navigate life as an HSP.


My mission is to help you put into action all the plans you've had swirling in your head!



or 2 payments of $1300

or 4 payments of $650

What  they're saying...

I came to Patti at a time when I was wanting to transition back out into my own business after taking a detour to work for someone else. I was feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and ready for a change.

Patti was a regular source of support, feedback, and ideas as I left traditional employment and went back into self-employment. The biggest thing I got from working with her was confidence in my abilities to take the next leap.

Varonica, New Hamshire

If what you just read feels like I am talking about you,

click here to chat with me.

Let's see if we are a good fit!

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